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Don’t have a cow man.


So this fucking guy has the cheek to copy all my shit onto his own chatroulette blog and then follow me so I can see what he’s done??

Alright so I’d like to apologize first off for using pictures from your site without your permission for my background, but all the posts were my own, and I figure anything on chat roulette is in the public domain. And it’s in that spirit that I’ve launched “I masturbate on chat roulette,” since I think that people who expose their junk in a public forum should be ridiculed in a public forum.

Any overlap between your project and mine is purely coincidental, and I think a bit misguided. Simply put, I think you post people making funny faces on cr, I post people making O faces on cr.


El gran Masturbador

I figured I’d start out PG…. besides, not many masturbaters on CR at 3 in the afternoon, surprisingly. Even though this classy chap has too much taste to whip it out right off the bat (he strikes me as the kind who likes the perfunctory name swap and a few awkward lolz before he pulls out his dong), you can totally tell from the glassy look in his eyes that he’s cranking one out.

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